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Ecodiversity is a newly established micro-enterprise working to support people, organisations and projects in pursuit of a sustainable and resilient future. We are passionate about the natural environment and believe that future generations should inherit a healthy, resilient, climate neutral and biodiverse world. We bring over 40 years of professional experience in the environmental research, impact and innovation sectors to our projects and partnerships. 


We can offer a bespoke range of services to support your project no matter how big or small. Our services include project coordination and management, technical research delivery and data analysis, as well as stakeholder engagement, impact and innovation services. If you have specific requirements, you would like to discuss with us then we would love to hear from you. 

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Research Project Management

With substantial experience in environmental research project management and coordination, we are well placed to provide support for projects of all sizes, from large international consortium projects to bespoke individual projects. We bring a powerful blend of scientific knowledge and understanding, process development and implementation, problem solving and partnership development. We have successfully worked across academia, public and private sectors, bridging the gaps and building positive collaborations in support of successful project outcomes. 


Research, Analysis and Knowledge

We are scientists with postgraduate training in environmental, atmospheric and marine science. Our scientific expertise underpins our analytical and research-oriented approach. The natural environment is comprised of many spheres, all inextricably linked. We understand this and the inherent complexities in delivering truly interdisciplinary and impactful environmental research. We work with projects to enhance cross-disciplinary research processes, provide data analysis and environmental modelling services and to support the development of robust research evidence. 

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Stakeholder Engagement and Impact

We firmly believe that productive partnerships and constructive collaboration are central to successful project outcomes and positive environmental impacts. We have experience working across sectors and with a full range of stakeholders from policy makers and industrial leaders to SMEs and the academic and research community. To truly solve and address the global environmental challenges society is facing, successful engagement of people from all walks of life will be required. We will build the network necessary to support and inform your project and maximise its impact. 


The Ecodiversity Team

Martin and Lisa have more than 40 years combined experience working in the environmental research and innovation sectors, across the UK and Ireland. Since completing their postgraduate education at the University of East Anglia (UK), they have worked in higher education, academia and research before pursuing freelance careers with a wide range of public and private sector clients. In 2018 they relocated to West Cork, Ireland to pursue their dream of establishing their own business and building a sustainable and resilient future for their children. 

Dr Martin Johnson


Martin has a degree in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry. He had a successful career in academia, as a researcher and senior lecturer before moving to Ireland to pursue his own projects. He has a particular interest in the nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, innovation in the bioeconomy and the banjo.


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Lisa Johnson

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Lisa has a degree in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Atmospheric Science. She has extensive experience in the higher education and environmental research sectors, providing project management, impact and innovation services. She has a particular interest in climate science, innovation in the bioeconomy and organic gardening. 

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The engagement of people and nurturing of partnerships is a fundamental philosophy in our approach. Societal and global grand challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity decline, require a global and societal response. At Ecodiversity we work across society and business, from communities upwards, to break down the barriers, develop solutions and identify emerging opportunities. We have many partners who work with us and whom we work with in support of this philosophy.  These include individual associates, SME consultancies, graphic designers, scientific communication and design experts as well as academic and research partners. We build bespoke teams for project delivery, ensuring maximum value and efficiency for all clients. 

Past and Present Clients Include:


Contact Us


We are always seeking new opportunities, partnerships and projects that aim to protect and enhance the natural environment. If you are interested in working with us then we would love to hear from you.  

Derryconnell, Schull, Co.Cork, P81 RH95, Ireland

+353 (0) 89 616 3789

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